Thursday, 15 December 2011

Molly Hatchet Rocks!

Thanks you Molly Hatchet for such a fine gig in Sheffield on Sunday.

They were the one big southern band I'd always missed out on seeing - so 30-odd years down the line it was a pretty emotional experience seeing them live at last. I've enjoyed their music for so long and I stood wondering as we waited from them to come on stage, just how I'd managed to get this far without managing to get to one of their gigs before.

Despite a lot of shitty hassles with the O2 Arena sound system, it was fantastic gig once Ingram's lead guitar could actually be heard (about a third into the set!) and they gave it their all.  I enjoyed every minute of the performance, their huge sound and remarkably relentless style.  I mean, playing a full version of Skynyrd's  Freebird and then ripping straight into Flirtin' with Disaster......

I want to thank the band for working their nuts off, touring to keep keeping the music alive. Long may it continue.

Support act Mojo Perry played a fine set too. Bought both their CDs after the gig, 'Two Equals One' and Absinthe Journeys'. Recommended.