Saturday, 12 November 2011

Blackfoot rocks

Awesome Blackfoot gig at the Flowerpot, Derby last night.  Last time I saw them was at the Rock and Blues custom show, forget the year. 

But Charlie Hargrett and Bobby Barth were in the line-up then and it was a wonderful experience – Hargrett bouncing around the stage in his eclectic style and Barth with some impressive singing as well as his cool guitar playing. I thought he did a great job with Ricky Medlocke’s songs.

This time around, The line-up features Mike Estes and Randy Peak plus Blackfoot founder member Greg T Walker on bass as ever and Kurt Pietro on drums and tell you what, they rocked.

I was lucky enough to see Estes a couple of times earlier this year, leading his own band, Skinny Molly (brilliant gigs at The Brooke, Southampton and Long Street Blues Club, Devizes). Estes is such a laidback cool-dude of a front man. Great singer too.

And Peak? Wow, he’s simply a great guitar player – and damn good on harmonica too. Nice tribute to Shorty Medlocke!

The Flowerpot was absolutely jammed-packed. Looked like Blackfoot had as good a time as we all did. Great show…..

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