Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Sportster ready to ride

Got my '91 Sportster back after my mate Tom did a rework on it. I basically had it in my mind to have the bike stripped back to bare bones.

Motor/trans has been left stock 883 - though Tom fixed a leaking head gasket. Carb has Dynojet kit. The 'balance' pipe between the two headers has been ditched. Northants V-twin -where I bought the bike originally - cut off the flanges on the headers and welded over the holes.

Original headlight has been replaced with new Bates-style and all the switch gear has been replaced so the bars - streetracker-style from Norman Hyde - look a bit cleaner.  Front brake Harrison Billet six-pot caliper and disc. Rear is stock.

The whole bike has been lowered by two inches using aftermarket forks kit (can't remember who's) and two-inch shorter Harley shocks.  There's also new seat pad. Rear fender has been cut back. New rear light is from, I think, Zodiac.

Now it's done, I'm thinking the gas tank looks way too big. And I desperately want to get the right-side motor cases cut back. 

But that'll have to wait. I just want to make up for lost time and put some miles on it.

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